Monday, September 22, 2014

Surrender the Booty.....

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the Pirate fun over at the Mountain Plains Crafters blog and here at Meticulosity as well.. It's time for us to surrender the booty. The winner of my Pirate Gold is Angi Rankin. Her comment was : " This is really great Debra! I don't make many comments but I always think you have the cutest creations! "...  

Thank you to those who commented.. I always appreciate the visits you make to my blog and your comments are always welcome. Check out the MPC Blog for other winners. And last but not least, I couldn't resist sharing a pic of a great hot sauce. Seemed appropriate !!


  1. That is too funny. I wonder if it tastes good?

  2. My BF loves anything hot, the hotter the better !! Just bought this one to try along with Ghost peppers !! I tried a Chili Lime one--very good..