Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Take on "The Shake"..

I have a confession to make..... I absolutely LOVE shaker cards... I watch how-to videos, collect pictures of them, find them on Pinterest etc.... I have everything I need to make them.. Just bought the foam mounting tape last week. Sat down to make one this morning and somehow got distracted by these cute little envelopes I have had for awhile...Does this happen to any of you ?? I call it my Creative ADD...  I sit down to make 1 thing that is all settled in my mind and end up with something completely different... Like today's Shaker card... I had some of my Project Life  journal cards on my desk and put it in the clear envelope..Perfect fit--even had enough room to fold the end back... Then I spotted the literally thousands of sequins I have and VOILA !! My card was born..  The supplies were meant to go together.. It was like peanut butter & jelly, Barnes & Noble, Ben & Jerry's ..... I am already thinking ahead to more of these cards... I have some fabulous metallic sequins. They would be great for beachy cards... I can envision autumn colors, Christmas -- the possibilities are endless.... I still want to try a traditional shaker card but I am thrilled with MY take on the "shake"....Now if only I could remember where I got those little envelopes... Google, here I come !!


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  1. Oh Debra, I LOVE the envelope idea! I have been dying to try the shaker card thing, too, but I'm intimidated. This seems so much easier!