Sunday, July 13, 2014

Be With Those Who Help Your Being...

I'll admit that I am a bit of a loner. I love to read, have always been a "bookworm". I used to cross-stitch and aside from meeting with some friends once a month many years ago, I mainly cross-stitched all by my lonesome or with my BFF Sue. I am now an obsessed card maker and although I do spend alot of time alone in my Craft Room, I feel like I have a community of creativity surrounding me. From groups on Facebook like Unity Show & Tell and Art Supply Junkies, I feel surrounded by like-minded creative souls. I have a favorite stamp that stays on a shelf right next to my desk; it speaks volumes about how I feel about all of my creative friends, both near and far, those I see in person and those I "see" online. 

The founders of  Mountain Plains Crafters - Pam Stang, Sheryl Kemper & Terri Burson - chose me to be a member of their Design Team along with Marilyn, Paula, Christina & Jennifer. All of these amazing women "help my being". It's as if we have known each other for years !!  I also meet with a group of local women here in Virginia Beach once a month to make cards. We are very different but our creative sides bring us together. In 2005, I began corresponding with Benedicte, a fellow card-maker from France, whose address I had seen in a letter of hers that was published in Rubber Stamper magazine. We have been in touch ever since and were even fortunate to meet in person when she visited Virginia in 2007. All of these women encourage me, challenge me, support me in my creative journey. Whenever I see that stamp in my Craft Room, I smile. All of my artsy-craftsy friends help my being. It's important to surround yourself with people who support you, who understand you, who will challenge you to become better. It doesn't have to be a creative journey that you are on ; whatever your circumstances, your life will be enriched by people who help your being.

Be With Those Who Help Your Being.. 

Mine is also enriched by this little princess, Andromeda Cassini - we call her Anna...


  1. Much like you, I'm a content introvert most of the time. Glad you found such a wonderful group of women to help support you. Wonderful quote.

  2. "Content Introvert", I like that !!! Thanks so much for the comment and for reading the post...

  3. This is so sweet! very inspiring, that only fellow creative people would understand! makes me think of me! wish I was there to work on projects ...but for now...luv seeing others like u at work! Ps creative means to do something in a new and different way whether you think you are 'good' or not!

  4. Debra, we sound like we have a LOT in common! I also cross stitched (before kids) I LOVE to read and my favorite thing is to be alone! I so agree with you that I DON't Feel alone because of the rich community of stamping friends. I have even been blessed to meet 3 online stamping friends IRL over the last few years. I just had the privilege this week of meeting MariLynn!!! Your Princess is gorgeous! We have 2 little princesses in our house. Great sentiment and very pretty card!