Sunday, June 1, 2014

Where I Create....

My Craft Room is my sanctuary... Always has been.. From the early days when it was just the spare bedroom where I stored my craft supplies and created at a small wooden dining room table to now, with my table that fits 2 people facing each other, my closet as a "hidden" space for supplies and all of my favorite things surrounding me for inspiration.. I am sure you will all agree that having your own space is wonderful. I can still remember the days when I used the kitchen table and moved everything back and forth.. Some nights we did eat dinner surrounded by paper, ribbon, my Cuttlebug and other crafty necessities !! Now I have an antique white trestle table from Target - shown here in black - where I can be creative. It has shelves on each side and on top I placed a piece of Plexiglass  (for wear and tear) and also my most-used supplies. I love my space. After a crazy day at work, sitting for a few minutes in my Craft Room brings me peace.. A dear friend announced that it was "serene, zen-like" when she came over for tea one day several years ago. My Meticulosity mug is in there, along with Christmas ornaments, my red Buddha head, my dreaded sock monkey and several much loved clearance finds. Here are a few pics of my creative space.. I hope you enjoy the view !!

My Trestle Table

My Closet

Top Shelf

Clearance Pier 1 Shelf and Paper Shelf

Folk-art Stamp Shelf & Michael's Clearance Window Box

Anna curled up while I create

Thank you for visiting my creative space...