Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Miss Polly Prissy-Paws

On Sunday, April 9 we said a heartbreaking goodbye to our beloved cat, Anna... Her full name was Andromeda Cassini but we called her many other names ( which I am sure she hated, but tolerated ). Anna Banana, Boo-boo, Pooh-bear, Peanut Butter.. Really no rhyme or reason to most of these  nicknames. But Brian called her Miss Polly Prissy-Paws after a South Park reference and ot seemed to suit her. She could be sitting right near you, yet when you called her name, she would look around  very slowly as if  to say  " Why, I am sure that you could NOT be talking to me?!?! " Our day to day life is so much emptier without her, but are hearts are full of 13 years of wonderful memories . For that we are grateful. 

  • I mounted a scrap piece of pink-hued paper onto a Mollie & Rex watercolor card base from Michaels.
  • Using Memories Black India Ink, I stamped a cat image from Waffle Flower "Flora Cat" onto the right lower corner of the pink base and the Thank You sentiment from Stampin' Up onto another scrap piece of pink paper.
  • I cut out the Thank You image and mounted it onto a scrap of gold glitter paper, then adhered it yo the upper left corner of the pink base. 
  • The cat image was highlighted with some Distress marker  & PITT Artist pen coloring.
  • For a finishing touch, I placed a small piece of a paper doily in the upper right corner.

I took this card to Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital for Dr. Karen Smithwick and the team who tool care of Anna. Along with the card, I tool some homemade Kitchen Sink brownies. We were so grateful for the care that Anna  received and also how they treated me and Brian.

I know that not everyone understands how much we could love a pet but Anna was a part of our family for 13 years and she will be greatly missed. I still "feel" her presence everywhere in the house and especially miss her waiting for me in the window when I arrive home from work.. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. I appreciate that you took the time to read this ..


  1. What a sweet tribute to your sweet Anna. I love that waffle flower set

  2. Pretty card, and a nice gesture of thanks for the staff at the vet's office. Love the kitty stamp you used! It's always hard to lose our pets, and the caring by the vet and her staff helps us to get through it.

  3. Beautiful card! Hugs to you and Brian girl. I know how it feels to lose a pet. They are family and their loss leaves a hole in your heart.

  4. Bear has been gone about 8 months but I still feel her
    presence at night, when I go to bed. I always told her
    "good night, momma loves you" when I turned out the light. I often find myself wanting to say that as I turn out the light. During the night I will hear sounds much like her sleeping noises. I miss not having someone bark whenever a person comes up to the house (she was my watchdog) She was a loveable 10 lb yorkie but she could sound mean when she wanted to protect her territory. I've decided against getting another dog (at 76 I'm too old for potty training, etc)
    but I miss Bear every day. I know what you are going through, but just think of the good things. take care.